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Paints and Surface Treatments

Our sister company Antiikkiverstaan Värit Oy is specialised in manufacturing and marketing traditional paints. Natural, historical tones and authentic paint properties are ensured by genuine and natural pigments, and recipes based on Finnish painting traditions and long-term research. Our product range covers traditional paints of nearly all kinds, such as linseed oil paint, Falun red paint, tar paint, adhesive paint and treatment oils. We also supply Antiikkiverstaan Värit products to wholesalers and retailers.

In addition to our own products, we import the highly popular Gysinge Färg’s linseed oil paints and Falun red paint. You can browse through our selection of paints and surface treatment substances, either in our online store or at our hardware store.

Linseed Oil Paint: A Modern Surface in a Traditional Style

The most important ingredient in our paints is traditional flax, an old cultural plant which is highly particular about the climate in which it grows. Linseed oil paint has been used for centuries and has several, well-known qualities. Compared to modern paints, linseed oil paint never harms the base by forming a film that is too dense and thus causing wood to rot. In addition, linseed oil paint does not make repainting more difficult, as most modern paints do. It ages beautifully. Because the paint layer gradually thins, there is no need to remove the old layer with chemicals, by scraping or any other, similar method when the surface is ready for repainting.

Linseed oil paint is most often used on planed surfaces, such as doors, windows, frames, skirting boards, matchboards or external cladding. When surfaces are painted using our linseed oil paint, there is no need to apply a wood treatment substance to the surface, since each tone already contains zinc. On exterior surfaces, zinc in the paint and a high-quality, twice-cooked linseed oil paint based on extensive R&D, are effective against mould and spores.

In particular, we want to highlight our matt linseed oil paint as an interior paint that combines the properties of a linseed oil paint with the appearance of an adhesive paint. A special property of this paint is that it can be applied directly to painted surfaces of almost any kind. It also adheres well to plastic, metal, wood and paper surfaces. Our ready-made tones are typical, 19th century colours that are also suitable for modern homes.

Oils and Soft Soap Treatments

Our product range includes various kinds of oils for floors and walls, timber and boards. Roslagin mahonki, a traditional transparent surface treatment substance for wood, based on a mixture of tar and linseed oil, is one of our most popular products. It is available in several tones for exterior use.

Our linseed oil soap made from natural ingredients is an efficient and gentle product for a wide range of applications. You can use it to wash tools and hands and, for example, to scrub a sauna, barbecue, car and boat with just cold water. Linseed oil soap is perfect for maintaining a traditional floor, where repeated scrubbing will create a light, dirt-resistant surface.

Soft soap for stone is intended for natural stone surfaces. It does not darken the stone surface, but creates a resistant surface and does not flake off but wears beautifully and can be reapplied.

Traditional Wallpapers and other Paper Coverings

Plastic-free, breathable wallpaper is the right solution for the interior surfaces of an old building and is ideal for creating a warm atmosphere in a modern space. We import Gysinge wallpaper, for example, which is made according to historical models. Wallpapers printed using traditional methods have a vibrant surface and reflect light beautifully.

A grey, heavy-duty paper manufactured from rags and paper mass creates a unique and lively wall covering suitable for painting. This was used before wallpaper became more common towards the end of the 19th century. Grey, heavy-duty paper provides the ideal surface for our matt linseed oil paint.