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Heritage Trail

The marked heritage trail that winds around Rikalanmäki presents local settlements and life in the Iron Age. Signposts alongside the trail provide information on the burial culture in the Iron Age, trade and archaeological studies in the area. There are signs of later settlements in the area in the form of old footings of long lost buildings and depressions on the ground from old basements. Besides ancient artefacts, the trail also introduces visitors to the local cultural flora.

The marked heritage trail starts in the yard of Rikalanmäki. The trail, which is a couple of hundred of metres long and traverses varying terrain, is maintained during the summer and has wooden signposts. You can continue walking along the trail from Rikalanmäki to the ancient Linnamäki castle.

The best time of the year to walk the marked heritage trail is between April and October. You can pick up a more detailed map of the trail from our store, or browse our literature and brochures as well as souvenirs related to the ancient history of Rikala and Finland. You can learn more about Rikalanmäki in the Iron Age with the help of the audio and video presentations available in our facilities.

Guided Tours for Groups

We offer tailored visits for groups! The program can be tailored individually from elements of your choice, for example:

  • A guided tour of the Heritage Path and our Traditional Building Technique Centre
  • Lectures about Finnish cultural history and prehistory
  • A workshop of traditional building and restoration techniques
  • A lunch or dinner in our restaurant
  • Live music, stand up comedy and other performances

Contact us at rikalanmaki@antiikkiverstas.com for more information and a quote!

We also have ready-made group visit packages available. Please see the program and pricing in our Web Shop:

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